Tell us about yourself 
I’m a 52 yr old child of God. I have no kids, but 2 adult nieces that I love as if I had them. 🥰 My family is the 2nd most important thing in the world to me; after my love of Christ. We’re nothing without Him. I refer to myself, my mom & my sister as The Golden Girls. 😂 My Dad was the most influential person in my life. He passed away many years ago, yet I miss him as if it was yesterday. He taught me everything I know about the world. I think this contributed to my mentoring decision. I began mentoring teen girls in my 20’s and to this day still share relationships with some of those “girls”. Even though some have kids of their own now.
How did you discovered your love for nails? *
I’ve dabbled in nails since a pre-teen. When I was younger, I was overweight; as I have been most of my life. I may not have been able to fit all of the trendy clothes, but my hair & nails were to be envied honey!! 😆 I HATED not having cute nails! I would spend up to two hrs on one paint job. One reason is, the nails HAD to be natural. I’m country, the fake nails never interested me. I was always all natural. The time spent came from nail art. I have an old photo from my 20’s. You can see my nails in the photo. I had designs & rhinestones. All applied by me. As I’ve gotten older, I don’t have quite as much patience, but I do still dabble in nail art. Once, on social media, I created an account & didn’t want to use my photo. (I’m kind of private, actually.) I posted a picture of my hands. Someone I went to school with private messaged me & asked if it was me! From my hands!! 🤣 Now, that’s recognition!
What are some strategies and resources you utilize to overcome obstacles and achieve your goals?
The Bible! Prayer! Gospel music & the support of family & friends. In 2006, I broke my back. Was unable to walk. Had to have surgery. Ended up with over 30 pieces of titanium rods, bolts & screws used to rebuild my spine. The surgery caused sciatica. If unfamiliar, that’s nerve pain that travels down the legs. Didn’t have that before surgery. Metal pressing on the nerves caused it. I still suffer from extreme pain to this day. I jokingly call my back “Meteorologist Metal”, because guarantees it’s more reliable than forecasters when a storm is coming. I then developed MRSA. It’s a flesh-eating bacteria. Had to have a second back surgery. Later, developed MRSA again. Had to do outpatient antibiotics through the infectious disease center. In short, I KNOW adversity & obstacles. My favorite verse is Philippians 3:14, I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of Jesus. Through Christ, I keep pressing on, honey! 😊😉
What does self-care mean to you? 
First, the mind. Not enough emphasis is put on this today. These young girls want all the looks when they 1st need therapy. A mentor. A trusted source. A soft place to fall. Then, comes the rest. First, heal. You need to be cute from the INSIDE OUT!! Once you’ve done that, get you some cuticle oil! 😆
Where can we find you? List your social media handles.
Instagram - Have.Bold.Faith Twitter or X - TinasTake YouTube - HaveBoldFaith
What are your three favorite Harmon Polish lacquers? 
Foundation Base Coat, love this stuff! Sun in Cloudy Skies, really like how unique this is. My all-time favorite though, is Optimist. Such a GORGEOUS rust color!! Beautiful!! (Honorable mention to the bomb cuticle oil pens