Nailing IT! Meet Jimmy

Tell us about yourself
I’m Jimmy, or Bug, and I am a queer artist with a passion for miniatures and tiny painting, so nails are my favorite canvas!

How did you discovered your love for nails? 
It just started as a random hobby and quickly became my special interest. I began by painting my nails out of boredom and when I realized I could make tiny paintings and miniature items to decorate them with, I was hooked.
What does self care mean to you? 
Self care means prioritizing my comfort and sanity over all else. When I need extra self care, I do things like take baths, get cozy with some tea in my jammies, and play phone games for a while.
What are some strategies and resources you utilize to overcome obstacles and achieve your goals?
I like to use random stuff I find from all over the place to make my little creations. Sometimes it’s toothpicks, or gel nail polish, sometimes it’s literally scraps of who knows what I found on the ground. 😅
Where can we find you?
What are your three favorite Harmon Polish lacquers? 
Balance, Boundaries, and Self Love 💚 how lovely ☺️