Nailing It: Meet Florence

This week, we'd like to introduce you to Florence. 


Tell us about yourself?

Married to a wonderful man for 37 yrs Enjoy shopping finding good deals. I'm embracing getting older. My priority is to focus on my health by eating healthy as well having positive energy

How did you discovered your love for nails?


When I was 11 years old my Aunt file my nails💅for the first time and polish my nails. She told me to always keep clean hands and nails. And to keep nails manicure at all times.


What are some tactful you use to overcome obstacles and crush your goals?


Silent🙏prayer move on to my next plan


What does self care mean to you?


Taking action having a good fitness routine Effort eating healthy


Where can we find you?


Instagram lovetryandbuy Utube lovetryandbuy
Florence's Favorites

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