Meet Elise: from Nail Biter to Nail Artist Extraordinaire

Tell us about yourself.

My name is Elise I’m 38 years old and I’m a mom of a beautiful 7-year-old boy. I live in Paris France and I’m obsessed with nail polish haha.

How did you discover your love for nails? 

I’ve always loved my nails unfortunately I used to bite them … 4 years ago I bought one nail polish from Rimmel and the saleswoman suggested I buy a top coat… I was so in love with the result that I decided to let my nails grow. One day I was on Instagram and I saw the beautiful nails of mininaildiary. I went on her account and I just realized that if I want to have strong and beautiful nails I have to take good care of them … I love my nails I love the fact that they are long strong and clean.

What are some strategies and resources you utilize to overcome obstacles and achieve your goals?

I’m always challenging myself. For example, 1 year ago I didn’t know how to do nail art or even how to edit a reel .. but I feel like if the nail artists can do it well I can do it too I just have to keep practicing again and again nothing is impossible if I believe

What does self-care mean to you? 

That means a lot because I love it when my nails look good cute and clean … taking care of my nails helps me to gain confidence and be happy with myself.

Where can we find you? List your social media handles.

You can find me with my instagram page elayshan_nails

What are your three favorite Harmon Polish lacquers? 

Wooooowww this is a very difficult question haha because I love a lot of them I can’t pick three I love ACTUALLY I CAN; SELFCARE SUNDAY; KISS; CAN’T BE TRICKED if I should choose but all the shades are beautiful ❤️