FROM OUR FOUNDER: Kids + Selfcare

Holo there gorgeous! Kemah, here :) 

One of my goals as a parent is teaching my baby boy the importance of selfcare. My son may not deal with as much stress as I do as an adult, but I still want to instill in him the significance of self care and mental health. With the things kids deal with in the world today, prioritizing their self care is a MUST. Self care = an improved mental health 

A couple weeks ago, I took my kiddo to the nail salon with me for his first mani pedi. Initially, he was not a fan but now he wants a mani/pedi every month!  He said “I like that I can sit, relax, read my comic book and get my feet scrub” 

I challenge you this week to put some time aside for your child’s self care. I guarantee you that will thank you in the long run.

Stay polished.